An Overview of Australia’s 2023-24 Permanent Migration Program

The Australia Permanent Migration Program is a key initiative by the Australian government for managing permanent immigrant intake. Through this program, individuals can migrate to Australia. This program aims to address skills shortages, attract specialists, and enhance the nation’s workforce. This covers several visa categories, each tailored to different groups of immigrants, including skilled workers, family members of Australian citizens, permanent residents and individuals with special eligibility. The 2023-24 program encompasses 190,000 places, marking a slight reduction from the 195,000 places in the 2022–23 period.

Program Overview

The Permanent Migration Program for 2023-24 is valid for several visa categories and streams. If a permanent move to Australia is something you’re looking for, read on. We’ll talk about the various visa streams, their advantages, immigration services and important policy updates that may affect your application.

Visa Categories and Streams

  • Skill Stream (72%):

      1. The Skill Stream is primarily aimed at addressing the skill shortages within the Australian labour market.
      2. It attracts skilled workers from around the world with the qualifications, experience and skills in demand in Australia.
      3. Various visas under this stream include the Skilled Independent Visa, the Skilled Nominated Visa, and the Skilled Work Regional Visa, among others.
  • Family Stream (28%):

      1. The Family Stream facilitates family reunions by allowing Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor their family member’s migration to Australia.
      2. Visa categories under this stream include Partner Visa, Parent Visa, and Child Visa. Beyond economic contributions, the program recognises the invaluable social contribution migrants make to Australia.
  • Special Eligibility Stream (400 Places):

      1. The Special Eligibility Stream caters to individuals who have specific circumstances or qualifications, such as permanent residents returning after a period overseas.
      2. This includes former permanent residents, certain New Zealand citizens, and others who may have a historical connection to Australia.

Quotas and Allocations

For the 2023-24 term, the program has a total allocation of 190,000 places. The quotas and allocations within the Australia Permanent Migration Program for the 2023-24 period are as follows:

Stream Allocation Percentage of Total Program
Skill Stream 137,100 72%
Family Stream 52,500 28%
Special Eligibility 400 Not Specified
Total Allocation 190,000 100%

Benefits and Opportunities of the Permanent Migration Program

Acquiring permanent visas through Australia’s Permanent Migration Program unveils many opportunities for individuals and their families. Let’s delve into the advantages that this program brings to the table.

  • Work Opportunities: The program offers stable employment opportunities, allowing permanent residents to build long-term careers and contribute to their chosen industries.

  • Education: Permanent residency opens doors to educational opportunities, enabling access to world-class institutions and contributing to personal and professional development

  • Healthcare: Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare, becomes available to permanent residency holders for their medical needs.

  • Pathway to Citizenship: Permanent residents have the option to pursue Australian citizenship, granting them full participation in civic life and the ability to vote.

  • Social Services: Permanent residents can access certain social security benefits, subject to waiting periods and other eligibility criteria. Additionally, Permanent residents become integral members of the Australian community, fostering social inclusion and cultural integration.

  • Quality of Life: Australia is known for its superior living standards. Individuals will enjoy top-notch healthcare, education, and leisure facilities amidst a stable political landscape and low crime rates.

  • Global Mobility: Holding permanent residency allows individuals to travel freely to and from Australia, facilitating global mobility for personal and professional reasons.

  • Property Ownership: Permanent residents have the right to purchase property in Australia. This is a significant step towards financial security and establishing roots in the community.

Program Updates and Changes

The Australian Migration Program is dynamic, with periodic updates and changes to the migration program. The Australian Government regularly reviews and adjusts the planning levels for the Migration Program to align with evolving economic and social needs. These adjustments reflect a strategic approach to address skill shortages and demographic changes. Here are the key updates to Australia’s 2023-24 Permanent Migration Program:

  • New Citizenship Pathway for NZ Residents: New Zealand citizens in Australia for a minimum of four years can now directly apply for Australian citizenship without the need for a permanent visa.

  • New Visa for Pacific Migrants: Introduction of Pacific Engagement Visa for eligible Pacific Countries and Timor Leste migrants.

  • Student Visa Changes: Reintroduction of work restrictions on student visas, allowing a maximum of 48 hours per fortnight. An exemption exists for those already working in aged care as of 9 May 2023, allowing unrestricted work until 31 December 2023.

  • Working Holiday Maker Adjustments: End of extended work period concession and changes to the Australia-UK working holiday program.

  • Visa Application Cost Hike: Increased charges for various visa applications from 1 July 2023.

  • Income Requirement Increase: The minimum salary requirement for sponsorship under the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) to AUD 70,000.

  • Occupation & Skills Assessment Requirement: For Graduate Work stream visa applications, a new requirement mandates holding a relevant qualification listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and undergoing a skills assessment.

  • Reduced Slots for Skilled Temporary Workers: The total permanent migration slots have been reduced to 190,000, with approximately 70% (137,100) earmarked for skilled migrants. Family visas, constituting 52,500 slots, are also affected.

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