Difference Between the Australian Partner Or Spouse Visa and Prospective Marriage Visa

As a fiance or spouse of an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, there might be a lot of confusion about the type of partner visa you should apply for. To put it bluntly, the type of visa you apply for depends on the background and circumstances of your relationship. The type of partner visa an applicant is eligible for depends on the nature of their relationship.

Two individuals in a long-term relationship who wish to live together in Australia can apply for a partner visa. A spouse living outside Australia is also eligible to apply for this visa. However, if an individual wishes to travel to Australia to marry their partner, they can apply for a prospective marriage visa. These visas greatly depend on the cultural, financial and practical circumstances of both the parties involved. Unfamiliarity also leads to confusion and subsequent visa misapplication. To avoid such issues, let us discuss the differences between a partner visa and a prospective marriage visa.

Partner Visa vs Prospective Marriage Visa

Partner Visa vs Prospective Marriage Visa

To the uninitiated, the two visas may not display many differences except their names. However, a closer insight will reveal exactly how worlds apart the two visa categories are.

Partner Visa Prospective Marriage Visa
Subclass 309 / Subclass 100 and Subclass 820 Visa / Subclass 801 Subclass 300 Visa
Meant for a spouse who is legally married to or in a De Facto relationship with an Australian citizen / permanent resident / eligible New Zealand citizen Meant for someone who is not legally married to an Australian citizen / permanent resident / eligible New Zealand citizen but meets the de facto relationship criteria
Combined application for both temporary and permanent visa Application for a temporary visa
Will be eligible for permanent visa 2 years since you first applied You must be able to prove that you were in a relationship for at least 12 months
You must be outside Australia (Subclass 309) or in Australia (Subclass 820) when you submit your application You must be outside Australia when you submit your application
Average processing time for a partner  visa (subclass 309) and (subclass 820) is between 6 months to 3 years Average processing time for a (subclass 300) visa is between 8months to 3 years
Average processing time for a permanent visa (subclass100) is between 8months to 3 years, and between 7 months to 2 years for (subclass 801)
A Temporary visa lasts until a decision is made on your permanent visa The visa lasts between 9 to 15 months within which the wedding must take place

Which Visa is Better?

There is no “better” visa when talking about partner and prospective marriage visas. Both have their uses and are applicable in specific situations. That being said, the partner visa VS prospective marriage visa debate does divulge a few pros and cons.

  • A partner visa is an appropriate choice if you are already married or in a genuine, committed relationship with your partner.
  • A prospective marriage visa is perfect for those couples who wish to tie the knot in Australia and pursue a new life together in the country.
  • The partner visa is useful if you are unmarried but have substantial proof of your relationship with your partner. If you are unmarried and cannot show proof of living together or you think you don’t meet all the requirements of a partner visa or prospective marriage visa then the Fiance Visa ( subclass 300) might be the right pick for you.

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