Protection Visa (Subclass 866) in Melbourne, Australia

For those who are refugees seeking asylum and want to have your permanent protection visa in Melbourne, then it’s best to understand the process, benefits and other details.

If so, then we have all you need to know. If the protection visa is approved, the applicant can live in Australia permanently for the purpose of study and work.

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What Is A Protection Visa (Onshore) In Australia?

The protection visa 66 is also known as an onshore humanitarian visa. Those who are eligible for this visa must be living in Australia and cannot return to their home country.

The reason could be the fear of being persecuted due to your political reviews, caste, race, nationality, and being a social group member in Australia.

There are quite a lot of conditions to meet the eligibility of protection visa 866:

  • If the home country’s authority of individuals is unable or unwilling to protect them
  • If the individual is at high risk of harm or persecution in their own country
  • The applicant is unable to move to other regions of their nation for safety
  • If an individual has a life threat because of their political opinion, race, religion, or nationality
  • Can meet Australia’s character, identity, and health requirements

So, the protection visa 866 processing timecould be longer when you prepare for it. In this case, you must connect with experienced lawyers to prepare a strong application.

What Are The Different Types Of Visas?

There are two types of visas namely, the onshore visa and offshore visa:

  1. Protection Visas (Onshore):

    There are 3 types of onshore visa:

    • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (subclass 790)

      The visa subclass 790 permits illegally arrived refugees in Australia to work and live there for up to 5 years. However, it is a temporary visa.

    • Protection Visa (subclass 866):

      The visa subclass 866 permits people who arrived in Australia on other valid visas to apply for protection and permanently study, live or work in the country. The applicant can sponsor their eligible family members for a permanent residence with the help of the offshore Humanitarian Program.

    • Temporary Protection Visa (subclass 785):

      Visa 785 is a temporary visa that permits people to apply for protection, work, study, and live in Australia for 3 years. It is applicable for people who have arrived in Australia without a valid visa.

  2. Offshore Refugee Visas

    Offshore refugee visas permit individuals subject to persecution in native countries allowing them in moving to Australia for study,live and work indefinitely.
    However, the waiting period for these visas can be really lengthy. It is due to the applications previously submitted for resettlement as compared to annually available visas.
    Generally, an Offshore refugee visa is granted to individuals referred through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for resettling in Australia.

    Here are a few offshore visa options to consider:

    • Emergency Rescue Visa (subclass 203)
    • In-Country Special Humanitarian Visa (subclass 201)
    • The woman at Risk Visa (subclass 204)
    • Refugee Visa (subclass 200)

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For A Visa?

For eligibility for an onshore visa, the applicant should:

  • Meet national security, health, and character requirements
  • Engaged in Australia’s protection obligations

For eligibility of offshore refugee visa, the applicant must:

  • Meet national security, health, and character requirements
  • Be outside Australia
  • Meet the “compelling reasons” criterion
  • Have to be subject to persecution in their home country

How To Apply For A Protection Visa?

Here is the process for applying for a protection visa:

  1. Complete protection visa 866 Application form
  2. Apply online on ImmiAccount
  3. Can apply via paper documentation too
  4. Pay the application fees
  5. Submit the complete application form with attached documents

Requesting For A Merits Review

If an individual’s application for a protection visa has been refused, they can request for a merits review. Another situation to apply for merit review is when a visa is cancelled.

However, those applicants who have been refused a protection visa and have returned to their nation cannot request a merits review. A merit review can be requested by the affected person or any other individual on their behalf.

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