Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143) for Melbourne – Australia

Do you want to bring your parents to Australia to live with you? The contributory parent visa subclass 143 offers a permanent residency option for parents of eligible Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens.

Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143) is a permanent residency visa that allows individuals to reside in Australia indefinitely. With this visa, applicants can move to or stay in Australia and have the opportunity to sponsor eligible family members to join them. Are you looking to apply for a Contributory parent visa 143 in Melbourne or from anywhere in the world? Look no further than Connect with Australia – one of Melbourne’s top visa consultancy with Migration Management Agents (MMA) and MARA-registered visa agents. We provide personalised guidance tailored to your specific case, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the application process.

Here is everything you may want to know about contributory parent visa 143. Let’s find out about the requirements and eligibility criteria, the application process, advantages, as well as the processing time and fees to apply for a sponsored parent visa.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria for the Contributory Parent Visa 143

Applying for the Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143) offers a pathway to permanent residency in Australia for parents with eligible sponsors. To be eligible for the sponsored parent visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are not a holder or have applied for a Sponsored Parent visa – subclass 870

  • You have a sponsor who is an eligible Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen

  • You meet the balance-of-family test

  • You have an assurance of financial support from your sponsor

  • You meet the character and health requirements

  • You do not owe or have paid back any debt to the Australian government

  • You have had no visa cancellations or refusals in the past

  • You are willing to sign the Australian values statement

  • The visa is in the best interest of the child (below 18 years)

These are the important requirements that you must meet to successfully apply for this visa:

  • Sponsorship: Your sponsor must be your child who is an eligible visa. He or she must meet the residency requirements and should provide assurance of financial support to you in Australia.

  • Balance of family Test: To clear this test, the majority of your children should be living in Australia, when you apply for this visa. If you are a retiree and are applying for a contributory aged parent visa you may not need to apply or clear the balance-of-family test.

  • Medical Insurance: If you are applying for an aged parent visa, you will need to have valid health insurance that you must maintain until you are granted a parent visa.

Please note that these are general criteria and eligibility requirements. To get personalised advice on your visa application, you can book an appointment with our MARA-registered visa agent. Our immigration consultants come with years of experience and provide fair and honest advice on every aspect of your application.

Contributory Parent Visa 143 Checklist

These are the various documents that you need to submit with your visa application:

  • Identity-related documents

  • Sponsor’s documents

  • Balance of family test documents

  • Character-related documents

  • Assurance of support document

  • Documents of dependents (under 18)

  • Documents of dependents (above 18)

  • Partner’s documents

  • 4 recent photographs

Please note that you will need to provide an English translation of non-English documents by accredited translators. To ensure that you apply with all relevant documents that increase the chances of success, consultant MARA-registered visa agents. They can evaluate your application, understand the details of your case and advise you accordingly.

Application Process for Subclass 143 Visa

Here is the application process for a contributory parent visa:

Before You Apply

  • Ensure your passport is valid. All applicants must have valid passports.

  • If you have an existing Parent visa application, withdraw it if necessary.

  • Complete the relevant forms based on your previous application type.

Gather Your Documents

  • Collect all necessary documents for yourself, your partner, your dependents, and your sponsor.

  • Documents include proof of identity, sponsorship papers, balance-of-family documents, character records, and more.

Apply for the Visa

  • The application must be submitted on paper and can be done from inside or outside Australia.

  • If applying as a retiree, you must be in Australia (but not in immigration clearance) when submitting your application.

  • Ensure the information provided is accurate.

After You Apply

  • Wait for confirmation of receipt and stay updated about your application status.

  • Adhere to visa conditions, undergo health exams, and submit additional information if required.

  • Keep the authorities informed of any changes in your circumstances.

Visa Outcome

  • If applied as a retiree or held a Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa, you can be in or outside Australia during the decision.

  • For applications made before 24 March 2021, and if in Australia on that date, there’s a concession allowing the visa to be granted in Australia if all requirements are met.

  • If not eligible for the concession, you must be outside Australia for the decision.

  • If approved, note your visa details and conditions.

  • If refused, reasons will be provided, and there’s an option for a review, but the application fee won’t be refunded.

Advantages/Benefits of Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143

These are the several advantages and benefits of the contributory parent visa:

  • You can stay, study and work in Australia indefinitely

  • You can travel to and from Australia for 5 years

  • You can apply for Australian citizenship once you become eligible

  • You can sponsor visa applications of eligible relatives

  • You can enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme

The cost of applying for a contributory parent visa is AUD 47,955. The cost of visa application to dependents is separate. You need to pay the first instalment of the cost at the time of application.

Processing Time for Contributory Parent Visa

Processing times for the Contributory Parent Visa in Australia can be lengthy due to high demand and limited spots available. However, the processing period is influenced by factors such as the accuracy and completeness of the documents provided, the complexity of the case, and the number of applications being processed at that time. Delays can occur if applications are incomplete, lack necessary documents, or require additional information. It is crucial to pay the correct visa application charge and follow the queue and processing priorities.

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