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Why Choose Our Registered Migration Visa Agents in Melbourne?

With us you won’t just be a number!


Registered Migration Agents in Melbourne -Trusted Immigration Visa Consultants

Connect with Australia is a leading immigration specialist company in Melbourne. Our services can be found in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. We immerse ourselves in the lengthy migration process, walking with you to each milestone in this journey.

With our team of registered visa agents in Melbourne, we understand the requirements of each client to offer personalised solutions.  We make the immigration process simple and hassle-free for our clients.

Having a strong understanding of Australian laws and regulations, our team provides all the necessary details in our visa consultancy services in Melbourne. We follow a step-by-step approach and offer regular updates to our clients.

With our registered migration agents in Melbourne there are less unnecessary delays. You can connect with us today and explore several options that are best suited to you.

With our proficient migration services in Australia, we have MARA registered migration agents in Melbourne. Our range of services includes:

  • Valuable advice:

    We offer guidance on every immigration related query. Our advice revolves around locating the most suitable visa
    for you.

  • Visa application lodgement:

    Our team can prepare and lodge visa application forms. Though it involves an exhaustive process, the journey will be made easier. We have a complete list of required documentation that we attach to the application for ensuring that there are no hurdles in acquiring your visa.

  • Clear communication:

    Our diligent visa consultant team works closely with clients, updating them on every minute of progress. They are about further requirements and queries from the department by our visa agents. We will be in communication with the Department of Home Affairs and take care of all the formalities. Till the application reaches the approval stage, we are completely dedicated to helping you.

Here are some different visa types:

  1. Skilled Migration Visa:

    This is a migration visa meant for skilled workers residing and working in Australia.

  2. Business Visa:

    Expand your business ventures and explore new avenues through the Business Visa. All those who are looking forward to investing, managing, or starting a business in Australia can opt for this visa.

  3. Partner Visa

    All those who want to live with their spouses can apply for this visa. It is suitable for Australian citizens, eligible New Zealand residents, and permanent residents.

  4. Education Visa

    As registered visa agents in Melbourne, we can help you gain access to your dream university in Australia. This way you don’t need to worry about the visa hassles anymore. Just focus on your exams and we will take care of the visa processing.

  5. Employment Visa

    Are you planning to join an Australian firm and contribute to the country’s economy? Then apply for an employment visa with our migration consultants in Melbourne.

  6. Visitor Visa

    Australia has a lot to offer for tourists. If you are planning to take a family trip or a business tour, the Visitor Visa is perfect for you.

  7. Family Visa

    If your family is already residing in Australia, you may be eligible to join them. Apply for the family visa and your family can sponsor your migration to Australia.

Our visa immigration specialists ensure that our clients understand the process better and choose the visa that is most suitable for you.

As an expert immigration consultancy with qualified visa consultants, Connect with Australia offers visa services at a reasonable rate. With 16 years of experience, we ensure that there is transparent communication with our client.

Our Australian visa and migration consultancy services have successfully helped hundreds of clients migrate to Australia. Right from filing documentation to gaining approval from the Department of Home Affairs, we take care of all nitty gritty details.

Moving to Australia has never been this straightforward. Contact our experts today on 0413 441 213 or for a migration agent and a free consultation.

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