Education Visas: Student Visa Subclass 500 & 590

Selecting a university and course, completing the application procedure on time, scoring well on competitive tests, receiving an acceptance letter from the institution, and so on are all crucial milestones in your adventure of studying abroad.

One of these steps is obtaining a student visa. If you wish to study in Australia, student visa subclass 500 will allow you to do so. If you wish to offer care and assistance for a student visa holder under the age of 18, you may apply for a visa 590, which permits you to reside with the student as a parent or guardian. We have provided information regarding the eligibility, application procedure and other aspects of acquiring these visas!

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Features of Your Student Visa

To be eligible for a student visa, you must reach Australia at least 90 days before the commencement of your study. You must notify your education provider of your residence address within seven days of your arrival, and you must also inform them within seven days of any address changes.

Student visas allow you to work up to 40 hours per week during term time. Moreover, during vacations, the applicant can work full-time. Though a visa allows students to work, they can’t start working until your study has begun.

That is why you shouldn’t depend on such income streams to provide for you and your accompanying family while you’re in Australia.

There are no job limits if you pursue a research master’s degree or a PhD. Please remember that any necessary work as part of your study is not counted against your limit.

Volunteer/unpaid labour for a non-profit organisation or the community is likewise exempt from the 40-hour restriction.

  1. Student visa (subclass 500)

    The student visa 500 permits you to study full-time at a reputed educational institution in Australia. You must first apply and be accepted into a full-time degree at a recognised Australian educational institution to be eligible for this visa.

    There are additional requirements that the applicant must meet if he/she is under the age of 18.

    Here are the basic criteria:

    • You must be registered in a course of study in Australia to apply.
    • You must be at least 6 years old to participate in the application.
    • If you’re under 18, you must provide proof of a welfare agreement.

    Check the Department of Home Affairs’ Student Visa page for further information.

  1. Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)

    A guardian may be required for students under 18 who want to study in Australia. You may be eligible to apply for a Student Guardian visa 590, if you are the guardian of an overseas student under 18. You must be 21 years old or older and the student’s parent, guardian, or family.

    • The applicant must be capable of supporting himself/herself and the student during their stay.
    • They must be capable of providing housing, welfare, and other forms of assistance.

    More information for visa 590 can be found on the website of the Department of Home Affairs.

How Can I Apply for a Student Visa?

To confirm that you fulfil visa requirements, check your eligibility with the Connect with Australia Migration Services in Australia.

Here are the simple steps to follow to apply for a student visa:

  • Using our extensive document checklist, gather your paperwork for your visa application.
  • Fill your application and ensure that any post-application needs, such as medical exams, are taken care of.
  • Wait for the outcome of the decision.

Connect with Australia Migration Services will help you whether you are presently studying in Australia or wish to migrate. Here are some ways we support our clients:

  • Expert advice on the eligibility of your visa application
  • List of documents for your convenience that are required for your visa application submission
  • Filling visa application and assistance with the interview preparation
  • Updating information from the Department of Home Affairs until your visa is approved

How We Can Help You?

Connect with Australia Migration Services specialises in the Australian system of education and Australian immigration law. We have experienced legal experts and resources necessary to offer you the assistance to achieve your immigration objectives in Australia.

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