Family-Sponsored Visas In Australia

Let us help you understand the benefits and requirements of a Family Sponsored visa. The Australian migration department takes into account the importance of partners, immediate, and extended family members via family visas in Australia.

This entitles spouses, parents, kids, and other relatives to move to Australia which is also subjected to certain pre-conditions such as an Australian permanent citizen can sponsor his/her family in the country.

The applicant is also required to show the government of their capability to support their family after moving to Australia.

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There are various types of Family-sponsored visas:

  1. Adoption Visa – Subclass 102

    The Adoption visa 102 permits the sponsoring parents to bring their adoptive child to live with them in Australia. The parent must be an Australian citizen or hold a permanent resident visa for doing so.

    Moreover, a child must either be in the process of adoption or must already be adopted by the parent before applying for the visa.

    The child also needs to meet certain criteria such as being under 18 years of age as well as fulfilling character and health requirements.

  1. Parent visa – Subclass 103

    For those who wish to bring their parents to Australia, it is possible to do so with Visa 103. The individual sponsoring their parents must be an Australian citizen, New Zealand resident or possess a permanent visa.

    The applicant needs to ensure that their sponsoring child can provide an Assurance of Support and take care of health-related care and other expenses.

  1. Aged Dependent Relative Visa – Subclass 114

    Aged Dependent relative visa (subclass 114 and 838) allows a senior relative of an Australian resident, assuming that the relatives are reliant upon the citizen monetarily and meet the age criteria.

    It is essential that a relative living in Australia must sponsor this visa. This visa allows aged relatives to reside in Australia for an indefinite period as one wants. The applicant can reside and revisit the country for five years from the date their visa is granted.

    Moreover, there are dependency and age requirements that need to be met. Candidates must be from outside of Australia while applying for the visa. If eligible, they can also apply for Australian citizenship if eligible.

  1. Aged Parent Visa – Subclass 804

    The Aged Parent (Subclass 804) is a permanent resident visa that lets an aged parent of an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or qualified New Zealand resident acquire permanent residency in Australia.

    Parents need to have a qualified sponsor which is usually a qualified Australian resident or a permanent visa holder. To enjoy benefits in Australia, the applicant needs to be of the age criteria of 65 years or older and meet character requirements.

  1. Child visa – Subclass 101

    Child visa is sponsored by the parent for a child younger than 18 years of age, or a student between 18 and 25 years of age.

    Visa subclass 101 visa can also apply for applicants that are above 18 years but cannot work due to disability. Moreover, Child visa subclass 101 is a permanent visa type.

  1. Dependent Child Visa – Subclass 445

    A dependent child visa is a temporary visa until the government decides to provide a permanent visa application of the parent of the child.

  1. Prospective Marriage Visa – Subclass 300

    The Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 is provided for an applicant who is engaged with the Australian resident and intends to marry their partner. This temporary visa is valid for 9 to 15 months.

How much does a Family-Sponsored Visa Cost?

For a family-sponsored visa the fees vary from $5000 to $15000, depending on the visa category that you apply for.

Eligibility to Sponsor for a Family Sponsored Visa

If you are a permanent resident in Australia, you are eligible to sponsor your parent, spouse, child, sibling, aunt/uncle, or any other family member to live and work in Australia.

The basic requirements include the sponsoring individual being 18 years or older and possessing the ability to bear the financial responsibility for the sponsored applicant.

Here are the requirements most applicants need to fulfil:

  • Have a sponsoring family member living in a specific regional area
  • Should be between 18 – 45 years of age
  • Have a minimum of 6 in IELTS or holder of approved passports
  • Take a skill assessment test
  • Meet health and character standards
  • Minimum of 65 points in the skilled migration points test

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