Partner Visa Subclass 820 & 801 Visa in Melbourne, Australia

You may be able to apply for a spouse visa in Australia if the two individuals plan to live in Australia together in the near future and one of the partners is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealander meeting the set requirements.Connect with Australian Migration Services can help you with an Australian de facto partner visa 820 and 801 in Melbourne.

All candidates must prove the genuinity of their relationship to be considered. It may be shown in a variety of ways, including financial commitment, social acceptability, emotional support etc.

The partner visa subclass 820 and 801 are the two visa options for partners. It is possible to reside in Australia for a short period of time on a Subclass 820 companion visa.

As the initial step toward a permanent partner visa, Subclass 820 visas are issued (partner visa 801 Melbourne). Applicants can apply for both visas at once and pay one application fee.

They are processed 2 years apart in 2 stages. Long-term relationships or having children will influence this outcome.

De Facto Partner and Spouse Visas in Australia

A spouse or a de facto relationship with one of the following is required to be eligible:

  • A citizen of Australia
  • Australia’s permanent resident
  • A New Zealander who meets the criteria
Partner or spouse visa in Australia

What are onshore partner subclass 820 & 801 visas in Australia?

In Australia, you can apply for a Subclass 820 Partnership visa to live with your partner if you are a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand eligible for a partnership visa.
A combined application may include applications from both parents and children. Your partner or de facto partner has not been charged with or convicted of a registerable crime.

Obtaining a Subclass 820 Partner Visa is the first step toward becoming a permanent resident or a permanent partner.

However, the application for the Subclass 820 Partner visa is being submitted simultaneously with the application for the second phase permanent visa, which is a separate application.

Even if you’re in a same-sex relationship, you can apply for a partner visa subclass 820 in Melbourne. Partner visa 820 may be obtained by a marriage or de facto partnership with their partner.

Before your application is considered genuine, the Department of Home Affairs needs proof of a de facto relationship. Alternatively, you may have registered your civil partnership with the government in your state or territory of residence in Australia.

As an illegal non-citizen in Australia, you may be allowed to apply for the Subclass 820 Partner visa even if you do not have a valid visa or if your visa was denied or subject to the section 48 ban.

Even if you meet the other visa requirements, The Department of Immigration’s partner de facto visa in Australia will reject your visa application if you don’t meet the requirements for this particular visa when you’re in the country.

What are the Requirements for Spouse Visa in Australia?

Thede facto spouse visa in Australia may only be obtained if the applicant has met all partner de facto visa Australia requirements for a legitimate visa application and approval.

To determine whether your connection qualifies as a de facto partnership within the terms of the migration regulations, one of the most critical components of your companion visa application is a thorough analysis.

De facto relationships may not be defined in the same way in other jurisdictions or laws. The next step to your visa application will be supplying specific information.

These documents support your assertion that your connection fits the criteria set out in the requirements.

Throughout the application procedure, you must continue assembling proof of your relationship to qualify for the permanent residence visa. Candidates must also meet several other standards, such as health and character requirements.

You need to know how to get Spouse visa in Australia by using an online partner visa assessment calculator.

To be eligible for an Australian de facto visa in Melbourne partner visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The partner must be an eligible New Zealand citizen, an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or in a de-facto relationship
  • Both partners must be at least 18 years of age
  • De facto relationships need at least 12 months of living together. There is a possibility that time spent in a non-de facto relationship (e.g., the period of dating) may not be counted.
  • Must have medical examination for meeting health requirements
  • Should meet character requirements
  • Neither you nor your partner (sponsor) should have sponsored anybody else in the previous five years. They can’t have supported a partner more than twice.
  • In the previous five years, neither you nor your partner must have supported another partner.

You may include your children in your visa 820 application so that you can bring them to Australia along with you.

All your children must be minors and remain under your care until they reach the age of 18. Your adult children may accompany you if the following conditions are:

  • 18 to 23 years old and financially reliant on you
  • over 23 years of age, yet they are reliant on you due to physical or mental limitations

You can apply on behalf of your children using your ImmiAccount. Applicants are required to provide extra paperwork for them.

To be eligible for a visa subclass 820 or 801), they must meet all the partner de facto visa Australia requirements for a spouse visa in Australia of Schedule 3 of the Visa Program.

Process Of Obtaining A Partner Visa in Australia

You can apply for apartner visa 820 in Melbourneonline using ImmiAccount in most cases. Though it is possible to submit paper applications and papers by mail, doing so is not encouraged due to the possibility of misplaced applications and documents and the difficulty in keeping track of the application’s progress.

As part of the application, they need to provide evidence of the relationship with their partner online. If you are not currently in Australia, you must first enter the nation on a Temporary Visitor Visa after which you must apply for the 820 Visa online.

Applicants can apply for 820 Visa if they possess a Prospective Marriage Visa.

Here is how to apply for a spouse visa in Australia:

Step 1:

Obtain all of the necessary documents required for Spouse visa in Australia

Step 2:

Create your ImmiAccount and begin filling the application

Step 3:

Pay the Visa Processing Fee that has been assessed. Fees for the Prospective Marriage Visa are waived if you have previously applied.

Step 4:

Submit the application once the application has been completed

Step 5:

Provide your partner TRN and application ID. The application for Sponsorship will be incomplete without it.

Step 6:

Electronic copies of all relevant papers should be attached

Step 7:

Your partner should log onto their ImmiAccount and fill out an application for “Sponsorship for a Partner Migrating to Australia.”. They may also do it by logging into your ImmiAccount.

Step 8:

Your partner must produce identification, evidence of legal residency in Australia, and police clearance certificates.

Step 9:

Await the processing of your visa and a Bridging Visa is granted to allow you to stay in Australia legally

After the submission of your application, you may be required to participate in an interview in which you need to demonstrate the authenticity of your relationship.

Officers will inquire about your families and origins, as well as your relationship details.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Spouse Visa In Australia?

The partner temporary visa subclass 820 processing time might be anywhere from 21 to 28 months to be completed, according to the Department of Immigration. There is a queue of some applications in the system, making the processing times variable.

The delay is caused by a quota on partner spouse visas. Due to the extensive processing periods that are now being encountered in the processing of spouse visa 820 in Melbourne applications; you should be prepared to wait for a while before receiving your permanent residence permit.

If you apply for a de facto partner visa now, you can expect the waiting period to be anywhere between 3 to 4 years, according to current average processing times. Please keep in mind that these processing timeframes may fluctuate.

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