What Are Your Options After A 485 Visa Expires?

Thegraduate visa 485 can only be applied for once. If your visa 485 is about to expire, you need to apply for another visa to continue staying in Australia. Are you confused and stressed about your options after the 485 visa ends? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Connect with Australia is the leading visa consultant in Melbourne that will advise and help you apply for different visa categories you may be eligible for after the term of your current graduate visa 485 ends.

As you may be aware that the 485 visas cannot be reapplied or extended. If you stay in Australia beyond the term of your visa you will be on 485 visas, you will have breached your visa conditions. Such violations will impact your future visa applications and eventual PR visa. You can avoid all these potential pitfalls by applying for another eligible visa type alongside obtaining a bridging visa, while your main visa application is being decided.

Visas You Can Apply For AfterYour Graduate Visa 485 Ends

Every student’s profile and case is different. There is no “one-shoe-fits-all” when it comes to visas. At Connect with Australia, we have visa agents who know the visa and migration process inside out and can advise you on every aspect of your new application. According to your eligibility, you can apply for various visas to stay, study or work in Australia and apply for a permanent visa in due course.

Here are the various visa options available for you:

  • Second Post-study Work Stream Visa 485: With this visa, you can stay in Australia after completing your graduate degree. This allows you to continue with your studies and work in Australia for the duration of the visa. Certain conditions must be met to be eligible for this particular visa.

    You must have previously held a Temporary Graduate visa in the post-study work stream or a Temporary Graduate visa in the replacement stream to apply for this visa. This visa is valid for 12 to 24 months depending on the location of the regional institution you graduated from and the region you resided in when you held a Temporary Graduate visa.

  • Employer-Sponsored Visa: Since the graduate visa 485 allows you to work, you can use it to gain valuable work experience and contribute to the Australian economy. This can help you get an employee sponsorship to obtain an Employer-Sponsored visa once your 485 ends.

  • Partner Visa: If your partner is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, you can apply for a partner visa after your 485 has ended. Your partner can become your sponsor and you can continue to stay, study and work in Australia. To obtain this visa you must be in a genuine relationship with your partner, with all the supporting documentation. Please check with our qualified visa agent to understand your eligibility and requirements.

  • Dependent on Spouse Visa: If you are married to an Australian citizen, PR visa holder or an eligible New Zealand citizen, then they can become your sponsor and you can become a “dependent” on their visa and continue to live in Australia. As this is a complicated process that requires proof and additional documentation, you should consult a knowledgeable visa agent. They can advise you on your eligibility, and the required proof besides assistance in applying for the same.

  • Skilled Permanent Visa: If you possess the skills required by the Australian economy and have the relevant degree, you can also apply for a skilled Permanent Visa. You get bonus points for every year of Australian work experience that you have when you apply for this visa. As this is a permanent visa that lets you live, study and work in Australia without any restrictions. You can also sponsor your relatives, partner and parents to visit and join you in Australia.

Explore Your Post Graduate Visa 485 Options with Professional Help

Getting stressed out over a soon-to-expire Australian visa is normal. After all, the country has very strict immigration and visa laws that can be confusing for most individuals. However, enlisting the help of a professional migration agency can make the whole process a little less frustrating. A knowledgeable visa agent can advise you on the various options available and which one suits your situation best.

We provide personalised services that include a detailed consultation with our visa agents who know the Australian visa and migration process inside out. Connect with Australia offers:

  • Honest advice

  • Comprehensive guidance

  • Multiple visa options

  • Full range of services

  • Paperwork assistance

  • Liaison with immigration

  • Dedicated point of contact

  • Regular updates

This has made us the go-to 485 visas to PR visa services provider in Melbourne. As a MARA registered visa agent, we follow all set guidelines regarding prices and transparent dealings. We provide excellent services with no hidden charges or fake promises. We also ensure that your application is error-free in every respect for faster approval.

Our team has an excellent track record regarding visa applications and can take any complex or complicated visa case. You can call us today on 0413 441 213 or send us an email at info@connectwithaustralia.com.au to book an appointment for a face-to-face meeting, evaluation and discussion with one of our agents.